Here is where you learn a little on the author - that would be me, Lili.

I'm French, sharing my time between Nice on the French Riviera, and New York City.

I have degrees in Advertising, English and French. I've worked for four years in an Au Pair agency and will teach French in the USA this year.

I like website designing, languages, movies and drawing (you can see some of my work here) as well as going out with my friends. I love to travel as well and have friends in many different countries.

I've been an X-Files fan since it was first broadcast in France. But I only started to read Fan Fiction in 1997 and finally got to write some of my own in July 1998. Let's face it, if I had been showered with flames, I would have quit. But people were soooo nice to me, so here I am!

And that's about it!!!

Thank you for visiting.

Update: I haven't written any X-Files stories in a while now, more for lack of time than anything else. Thank you for your understanding.


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