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~~~~~ Welcome to LiliBlue's Sphere, X-Files mailing list! ~~~~~

I decided to develop this egroup into a more interactive list, so "the Sphere" was born!! You can now post without being moderated!
I wish this little sphere of ours to be a nice cozy place, where people can share their thoughts and info about the X-Files. The writing, the music, the fanfic, the sunflowers or DD's glasses, we can talk about it all here!! Don't worry, this is not a high traffic list.
And now, on with the important stuff.

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To get in touch with the owner of the list, send email to lisa.mortini@libertysur.fr

Yes, there has to be some. ;-)
Please refrain OT posts that could degenerate into chat mode emails. So try to keep on talking about what we like the most: Moose and Squirrel.
Also, bashing or flaming won't be tolerated and try not to send multiple one line messages. To prevent
a flooding in your inboxes, compile your messages into one!
The list will be Noromo AND Shipper friendly (read respectuous) + Tea friendly as well.

Only members can post and they will NOT be moderated.

Members can acces the Sphere's archive at Egroups.



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