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Everybody else is having one, so...I've succumbed. So you're gonna ask, 'what am I supposed to do to get this pretty little award on my page?'

Well, first, you have to have an X-Files related Website. Then, I have to like it. Eh, eh. Ain't that tricky. I will base my judgment on several factors: choice of topics, content, quality of the fan fiction if there is any and also technical knowledge and design (html, lay-out, choice of pics and so on...).

I will be quite picky about what I like but I feel that all work deserves a reward, so there is two awards: The "Best of the Best" snapshot (reserved for the finest X-Files sites in the Web) and the "Quality Site" snapshot, for good quality pages.

Don't hesitate to fill out the following form and don't forget to sign my guestbook (no you won't always win if you do, I can't be bought, people).

Expect an answer a few days/weeks after submission and please, be sure you sent me the right URL!!


PS: Even if you don't submit, you can view the Winners here.




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