Date: October 1998 Category: S; H & MSR Rating: PG-13 Keywords: Mulder/Scully UST Spoilers: None. Archive: Archive anywhere, as long as you keep my name attached. Please let me know. Summary: The new adventures of Mulder's cat Bad Timing (aka B.T.). Dedication: For Sophie and Diane. And thanks to Leah for her help. Disclaimer: Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are the property of The Master Chris Carter, 1013 Productions, Fox Television, as well as writers and actors. No infringement is intended. Feedback: Please, feel free to drop me a line. Nice comments and even flames will be appreciated. I believe in constructive criticism and I'm very open to any suggestions. Comments: It would help to have read "The Small Cat I", just so you know how Mulder got a cat and get used to the POV. *** *** The Small Cat II (1/1) by Lili Blue It's been quite a number of darks and lights since I've started living with my Big One. He almost never sleeps but I do. Better now than before, since his paws always stroke my belly while I doze. His warmth is necessary to my well-being and I claim it as much as I can. Fortunately, my Big One demonstrates many skills in...many things. He doesn't really prepare food but always has something I can snack on. There is always some water left for me, as well as my favorite soft piece of cloth, the one that smells like him and he lets me sleep in. We play a lot; he chases me and I feign to be offended by his pursuit, so when he grabs me, I can rub against him endlessly and he never complains. The Swimming Ones in the tank died and he didn't replace them. They were poor company but at least, I had something to contemplate catching during the day. Because my Big One is almost always outside. He never allows me to go out but I don't miss the fresh air as much as I relish the warmth of his place. Once, he left a window open and I could have sneaked out and explored but I was scared. Mean Small Ones might be out there. And Barking Ones too. My Big One keeps me safe. Several times since I've been here, he left me alone. For many darks passing. An old Big One came to feed me, and clean the corner of tiny pebbles where I...hum… this is embarrassing... pee. I had this crazy thought that Big Ones actually were inferior to us because they have to clean up our mess. Then again, we Small Ones don't seem as free as they are. I dread when he's gone. Because I know he is with HIS Big One. He smells like her afterwards. Here is my theory: he wants to mate with her all the time so he takes her away some place where I'm not. I don't like that at all. I've been waiting for him today, stretching and carelessly forgetting some fur in his bed as I twisted the cloth and slept inside. It's dark outside and he is still not with me. Suddenly, the front door opens and there he is. He looks bad, his fur is tousled and his eyes sleepy. His Big One wore him out. Bitch. "Hey B.T., kitty? Come here!" I think that's his way of telling me he wants me. That "bee-tea" thing. He always calls it hard in my face as if I could understand what he utters. Well, I can't. I wonder if he calls his Big One "bee-tea" too. Fortunately, the flame-headed Big One isn't with him. But I still pout and totally ignore his presence. "Yeah, I know it's late. But I drove all the way down from Philly today so I think I'm entitled to be grouchy, alright?" He groans at me. Ah! He doesn't seem happy. The female wasn't in the mood. My mommy told me that if you refuse to mate with a male, they'll get mad and some can be dangerous. That's why I carefully avoided the problem. Until now. I know Big Ones don't mate with Small Ones, but still. I don't like the idea that he will have kitties with another female. My Big One is now fixing me a fresh meal and I have to make amends. So I go to him and rub against his lowerpaws. My soft tail circles him and there: he's mine. He grabs me swiftly and hugs me against his chest, smoothing my fur with his large paws. I purr. What else is there to do? Then water falls from the sky. Like when the clouds dance outside. But smaller. I look up at his face and notice that the rain comes from his eyes. Rolling down his muzzle and his mouth only to fall down on my belly. "She doesn't know…how much it affects me too…" There he is, confessing his gibberish to me. I DON'T UNDERSTAND YOU!!! But he always has a lot to utter to me. We sit down on his big black piece of furniture and as he keeps me close to him, I can hear soft poundings coming from his chest. The sounds slowly lull me to sleep, and he goes on rambling. "See, I thought I might have this too… Children of my own. Someday. It's not like I can anymore." Hey?! One drop has fallen into my eye and startled me awake. I put one paw on his thigh, silently begging him to be still and stop pouring like that. He scares me. "Oh, B.T. kitty, you don't know how lucky you are… You have no worries…your days are so simple…" I just want to sleep! Stop the noise! And that high-pitched noise again, I know it's her. He shifts to get to the black object, I uncomfortably fall off him and he ignores me. Like always when she's involved. I meow out my discontent. "Mulder." "Uh-huh… Right….Sure…I'll see you tomorrow then." That's it? He woke me up for this? I gladly rejoiced that he doesn't seem to be happier than before. So the female didn't mate with him! Ah! I could bite my raspy tongue. I should wish nothing but happiness for my Big One, since he gives me plenty of warmth, protection and food. I climb back on him and he resumes stroking my backbone again. There! There! RRRGH! Exquisite. I value his long paws more than anything. Even more than the brown food with the green stuff in it. It must mean something. He lies down and I lie along him, my entire back against his tummy, my tail flopping idly. *** *** His eyes are mostly cloudy and rainy these days. I wonder if the female Big One realizes that she hurts him. He pays less and less attention to me; he left the window open several times lately. Just to show him that I don't care, that I'm growing up - which I am, thank you very much - I venture myself out of his lair. Chill stings me but I go on. My belly tightens and I feel like meeting others, you know, just so we could share our experiences with our Big Ones and I could brag about mine. How beautiful he is…his delicious bitter odor when he's hot… I carefully ease myself down the big block of stone we live in. It has been a while since I've done that type of exercise. The alley is nice, full of green-leaves and various smells. I hear an inviting meow and, hum, there is that large Small Cat, brown with yellow stripes on his side. His long paws are strong and his eyes yellow like the sun. Not bad… From what he says, he is interested in sharing a Squeaky One of his possession. Yuck! A Squeaky One? With their short paws, long teeth and tail, they're repulsive. Not a chance. MY Big One feeds me better than this. Of course, this wasn't the thing to say and he's upset. But still he comes nearer, sneaking around me, sniffing me and I pretend to be extremely offended by all this. I meow deeply as his sniffing goes…more intimate. I sit straight on my tail, playing hard to get and his eyes flash like lightning. My belly is all funny. I realize this is it, I will fully become a Cat if this happens. Mommy, hear me? I'm upon mating! There it is, oh! He's on my back, he bites my fur and… "Hey! Get off her!" I swirl into the air and without knowing what happened, I'm in my Big One's embrace. I struggle to look down and see what happened to MY Small One. "Go away, you horny cat! She's still a kitty!" My Big One almost kicks away the Cat with his lower paw and I feel like crushing my teeth in his upperpaw in revenge. Why in the name of the Mother of all Cats did he do that? In a few swift moves, we're back at our place. "B.T…." He shakes his head from side to side. He makes me sick. "You scared me there…" He finally lets go of me and I jump away, as far as I can from him. WHY DID YOU DO THAT?? You have your share of it with…her! And why were you here? You usually leave me for so long… I'm furious, my hair is up on my spine and I spit. "B.T.? My, but you seem angry at me? Guess I'm not the only one frustrated around here…" He comes near me and one look into his hazel depths convinces me that he still owns me. Alright… I forget my anger and rush to his warmth. He sits down on the floor with me and when I jump on him, he lies still and I sprawl my entire body on his. I don't know what mating is - yet- but this surely is better. We fall asleep. *** **** Oh, I hate those noises. Noises all the time. Rumble at the door. Suddenly, my eyes pop open and there she is, HIS Big One. She has a funny expression on her face, like contentment and sadness. She lowers down and then her paws are on my Big One! "Mulder…Mulder, wake up." She caresses his fur and his jaw. My claws sharpen. His eyes flutter open. "Scully?" "Hey, partner, you weren't answering you door." "Yeah, I guess B.T. and I took a little nap here." "On the floor." He looks at her like a kitten who has just snatched food away from his mother. "Well, yes." She extends a paw to him. "Come on." He links his paw to hers and that's it, I'm forgotten. *** *** I don't want to know. I don't want to see them. So I sit outside, my body numb by the cold. I could see them by the see-through pan if I turned around but I don't want to. She must be all over him again. So I just stay there and contemplate the night and the Flying Ones in the trees. And of course, they're right there, behind me. I could just glance. That idiot in the tree makes sharp sounds. It's too dark for that. Somebody should tell him. So I just rush inside to see what she's doing to him. It's quiet. Then I hear a ruffle noise coming from the room where the bed he never sleeps in is. I cautiously enter and…oh, Oh, OH!! Here they are. I can see all of their fur and no cloth. He is on his back and she leans on him. His tail is very…agitated and her mouth very…busy. They smell bitter and musky. His head rolls and I can see his eyes are cloudy again. "Aaaah, Scully… I…" "Shut up, Mulder." My blood boils. "Scully!" His face is stiff. He stopped their mating and now he cups her face in his paws. Their nuzzles almost touch. "I wish…I could give you this. You would be the most wonderful mother." He strokes her belly with one paw now. I'm transfixed. "This is all I can offer." "You talk too much." Her voice is rough but her eyes soft. Maybe she just told him she wants him to stop. "Uuuuh…" Obviously not. She is conscientiously licking his body, blowing on the light furs here and there. Like when I clean my paws. His eyes are closed and he groans like my hungry stomach. Her breasts sway freely and they seem heavy unlike mine. I wonder if she just fed her kittens. And oh, she has fur down there too. But no tail. Incomplete creature. Weird and fascinating Big One indeed. "Mulder…? Mulder? Why did you…stop?" I was so engrossed in detailing the strange features of the female that I didn't notice the intense stare of my Big One. "We have an audience." "What?" His eyes are on me, interrogating, amused and…some other thing I can't put my paw on. Her gaze follows his and…busted! "Oh, B.T…." He nods to me then. "B.T., shoo… Go away…" I want to see more! Why did they stop? It was quite…something. If I had friends among the Small Cats, I would tell them about it. "B.T.!" He's out of breath. HEY! He just threw a soft, fluffy piece of cloth at me. The one that smells like him and hair from the Flying Ones. What is this supposed to mean? "Bad Timing Mulder, GET OUT!" She has his belly covered with her long fur and emits small, silly noi ses because her muzzle is deep in him. "Oh, you'll see who giggles now!" "Ah!" And they're all over each other again. Alright, alright. I can see when I'm not wanted. I exit the place, jump on the black furniture and start licking my thigh. I wonder if they're gonna have a nice litter of kitten from this mating. And if I'll get to play with them. That could be fun!!! FIN *** *** Do you think B.T. will ever get lucky??

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